Polyurethanes Information

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We are all encircled by polyurethanes products. They are all around us. These are one of the most multipurpose groups of plastics. They are durable, innovative and versatile.

www.polyurethanes.info will help you in discovering more about polyurethane molding. This site will explain you that how polyurethanes molding play a vital role in making the modern day life more convenient and comfortable. Not only this, site will help you to understand how polyurethanes conserve the most precious resource of planet.


Polyurethanes are the only most diverse family of polymers. It can be fiber, paint or anything. A most bizarre and wonderful polyurethanes is spandex.


Are you wondering why polyurethanes are termed polyurethanes? It is because their backbone has a urethane link.


How To Apply Polyurethanes

In the modern life polyurethanes are found everywhere. The bed we sleep in, the chair we sit on, the car we drive by, the house we live in and other uncountable items that we use everyday contain polyurethanes.


The site will explain some common applications of polyurethanes and gives you an insight about its use. This will also explain that how versatile polyurethanes are and how they help to protect the environment by conserving different forms of energy.


Common Applications of Polyurethanes Includes 


  • Adhesives and Coatings
  • Automotive
  • Bedding and Furniture
  • Building insulation
  • Footwear
  • Freezers and Refrigerators
  • Other applications


Polyurethanes and Development 

Growth in population, better life expectancy and increased need for shelter and food are the three prime reasons that affect the resources of our planet. Sustainable development is the only thing that can aid in meeting the growing demands of our resources. This can be done by the introduction of different solutions that may ease the load on these precious reserves over the period of time. These solutions must at the same time improve the quality of our life thus upholding a feasible economy.

This site will explain you that how polyurethanes have offered concrete solution to the increasing needs and how their lightweight and durable characteristics can increase the efficiency of resources.


Why Polyurethanes? 

The polyurethanes are safe and affordable but at the same time explains their uses in many applications. Polyurethanes are not only safe and affordable but at the same time they provide materials that add to the protection and comfort of our everyday lives.



It provides sustainability by preserving the natural resource of the earth and by reducing the requirement of energy. It also sums up what polyurethane industry is doing for protecting the resources of our planet for future generations. It also shows the energy recovery and recycling choices available at the end of the lifetime of the product made by polyurethanes.



Polyurethanes have made our life comfortable because of the relaxation provided by foam products in bedding and furniture. It also includes the isolation inside buildings that help in regulation of temperatures.



It highlights the range of polyurethane applications and the potential for further development. It includes the enormous availability and adoptability of this material. The recyclables and affordability are two added benefits that make this material a nice choice for many manufacturers.



It includes protective effects and other hundreds of benefits that reduce the need of added energy in different products like refrigerators. Many thanks go to the effective insulation in cars whereas the cushioning helps to protect the passengers and drivers in case of collision